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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What happens to the home?
    After you move out of the home we will do repairs and remodel. Then we decide to sell it or keep it as a rental house. Often times we do big remodels on homes that we buy including, new paint, mill work, counters, windows, floors etc.
  • What happens if I already have a real estate agent?
    If there's still an listing agreement with your current agent you will need to privilage that agreement. You are able to still sell your home to us but you will need to pay what you've agreed upon in terms of comission within the sale. If you don't have a listing agreement that is current but have a real estate agent that you want to be represented by in this transation that's awesome! You and your real estate agent can negotiate the commissions and we can work it into the offer.
  • How do I get started with this program?
    It's simple! Just call or fill out our contact form with your information. Please feel free to include any questions you may have for us to answer. Cell: 425.359.7338
  • How much will it cost to rent?
    NW Property Group uses a market rate. There are sources that use algorithms to calculate market rental rates which are generally very accurate. We will inform you of the amount prior to any kind of signing on the purchase agreement and gather a full rental agreement for you to review.
  • Will there be any pressures in selling NW property partners our home?
    No way! We understand the process and are very respectful of our clients decisions. We will only provide you with great service and offer you a price that we will purchase your home for. You will also be able to see how much that price will net you in cash after escrow. You are able to make comparisons with that number to what you would receive through a traditional sale. If you choose not to accept our offer we will not be upset. We will thank you in a polite manner and appreciate your time.
  • For how long can I stay and rent the home?
    We will discuss and make an agreement prior to the acception of our purchase offer. It will depend on your length and needs.
  • Is a home inspection required?
    The owner of the company and his crew will be the only ones who tour you home by appointment. The owners crew are licensed contractors. If there is something in question about the home, they may want to pay an independent inspector to take a look.
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